イントロダクション / Introduction



収録曲 / Tracklist

  1. The Place I Love
    Relaxing sound by piano trio. Is there your loving place?
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  2. Ceremony for Teacups
    The piano solo makes adorable sound. Let’s praise our calm days with teacups.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown & Roco Shiranuhi, improvised by Roco Shiranuhi
  3. 忘却
    The title means “oblivion” in Japanese. A little sorrow jazz piano and bass duo. There are things you want to forget in your life.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  4. The Theme of Orazny ~ オラズニーのテーマ ~
    Bossa of jazz guitar and piano. What’s Olazny? … I leave it to your imagination.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  5. The Blossoms never fall, in your mind
    Saxophone and piano jazz. Sakura, cherry blossoms in your heart will never be scattered, I know.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  6. ふわり
    The title means “fluffy” in Japanese. A gentle piano trio. It is nice to have a walk with the spring breeze.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  7. As a Tempest
    Piano classical improvisation solo like the spring storm, strongly and intensely, sometimes gently.
    – composed by Koyotaka Sambown & Roco Shiranuhi, improvised by Roco Shiranuhi

作品情報 / Information

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Release date:April 29, 2018
Release event (you can meet us!):2018春M3 第二展示場 シ-40a
Price:1,200 JPY
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制作者 / Credit

Roco Shiranuhi
ピアノ、即興アレンジ / Piano, improvisation
Koyotaka Sambown
ウインドシンセ、プログラミング、作曲編曲 / Wind synthesizer, programming, composer, arranger
Popolony Sound & Design
デザイン、販売、ディレクション / design, distribution, direction

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