Absolutely Duende

[icon name=”commenting” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]イントロダクション / Introduction

ピアニスト Shiranuhi Roco と作編曲家 Koyotaka Sambown のジャズ+クラシック音楽ユニット「Duende Pianoforte」が2017年の春、遂にアルバムリリース。
ピアノトリオに、サックスとギターを加えた、生き生きしたアコースティックサウンドを詰め込みました。オリジナル曲と著作権切れスタンダードナンバーの Interlude を含む全8曲のアルバムをご堪能あれ。

“Duende Pianoforte” is the sound project producing music with Jazz and Classical Piano by a pianist, Roco SHIRANUHI and a composer, Koyotaka SAMBOWN in Japan.
In this year, 2007 of spring, firstly released new music album, “Absolutely Duende”. Those sounds are base on classic piano solo, jazz piano trio, and with lively saxophone blow, guitar phrase. Enjoy with 7 original songs and 1 standard jazz number in this album.

[icon name=”list” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]収録曲 / Tracklist

  1. Vorspiel ~ Frühling
    improvised by Roco Shiranuhi
  2. The Benefits of Tangerine
    composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  3. In the Room with Sleepy Dogs
    composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  4. Intermezzo 2512
    composed by Frédéric François Chopin, improvised by Roco Shiranuhi
  5. Stücke ~ Someone to Watch Over Me
    composed by George Gershwin, improvised by Roco Shiranuhi
  6. Saffron in the Breeze
    composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  7. Smile On
    composed by Koyotaka Sambown
  8. Coda ~ Someday My Prince Will Come
    composed by Frank Churchill, improvised by Roco Shiranuhi

[icon name=”clipboard” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]作品情報 / Information

[icon name=”music” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Title: Absolutely Duende
[icon name=”barcode” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Spec: Package: Copy CD + Special paper jacket or
download data: mp3, m4a, flac
[icon name=”calendar-check-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Release date: April 30, 2017
[icon name=”cube” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Release event (you can meet us!): 2017春M3 第二展示場1階 い-05a [icon name=”window-restore” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]
[icon name=”money” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Price: 1,200 JPY
(at event 1,000 JPY)

*CD Package can only be delivered within Japan.
*Downloading and purchasing is available from all over the world after you create an account of the BOOTH service (Credit card, paypal are available)

[icon name=”users” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]制作者 / Credit

Roco Shiranuhi
ピアノ、即興アレンジ / Piano, improvisation
Koyotaka Sambown
ウインドシンセ、プログラミング、作曲編曲 / Wind synthesizer, programming, composer, arranger
Popolony Sound & Design
デザイン、販売、ディレクション / design, distribution, direction

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